"A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs:
It's jolted by every pebble on the road." -Henry Ward Beecher

We are all, in our little Court of Stratford,
very talented jesters women.
But, rather than a vocal piece or piano concerto,
we chose to do something altogether:
an improv game.

To play "Late for Work", you need:
one late person
one boss
one or two (or more) prompters/employees.

The "late" person leaves the room
{or, in my case, deafens themselves with music}
while everyone else decides THREE reasons why they're late.
The late person then returns,
and tries to explain to the boss why they're late
guessing the reasons from the prompters.
Basically, it's a repackaged game of Charades.

I chose to be the late person, 'cuz Kate & Amy rock at prompting,
and Kami's a fun boss to play off.
I do so love my little Stratford Court.

{Photos courtesy of Kevin Cangelosi, video by Jacob Adamson}

Well, started on Sunday, anyways.
I'm learning how to use COLORZ.
And doing homework sometimes.

Someone brought up, in Church, an interesting thought:
What did the Lord do on His day of rest?
Happy President's Day, darlings!

{"Cho", "Shiroi", "Tanimeko" © Petrichor, Ashley S. Harmon}
"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself, you see." -Alice

We had ourselves a little trip into the RABBIT HOLE,
and danced the entire fall down.

We went together,
8 people,
4 dates,
1 big smile,
at BYU's Alice in Wonderland Preference Ball.

Oh yes, our feet hurt,
but dancing away our stresses
was so very worth it
{even when our abdomens were being squeezed by unrelenting fabric}.

Our tea was hot cider,
devilishly sugared.

And yet,
the drinks were definitely not
the sweetest things there.

Never, a frown was found.

And what would an Alice in Wonderland ball be
without a heated croquet match?

The Queen was in agreement.

A lovely appearance by
the Hatter and Alice
delighted us all.

why am I so ridiculously short
The gowns, the teacups, the dancing,
'twas all so brillig.

{ "Touch" via Natasha Bedingfield, remix by The Dirty Tees}
{ "Hoedown Throwdown" via Miley Cyrus}
{Some photos and videos courtesy of Kevin Cangelosi}

"Roll over to your lover, say, 'put your arms around me'." -Ferras

Life is full of love.
Though there are shady lovers,
and shadowy pathways,
there is always love,
found in the Light.

If you're celebrating today with
someone special,
with sweet friends,
or with a carton of ice cream,
Happy Day of Love, to you all. 

{MP3 Download HERE}
{"Kiss the Girl" © Disney}
{Images via WeHeartIt, © respective owners}
{Grathiath to Kevin for Scuttle's squawk}

I do so love this song, guys.
Hope y'enjoy mah leetle translation.

kaze ga sasayaita
the wind whispered
higeki no makuake wo
of the dawning of a tragedy
tasukete agetai
how I wish to help
fukitsuna kiri no naka
within the ominous mists
chikazuiteru no yo
getting closer
ano hito wa kizukanai
he is so unaware
I'm miserable
kono kimochi ni kanawanu koi
in this feeling of unrequited love

kodoku yo kotaete
answering loneliness
futari no unmei wa
our fate is
machi no zawameki ni
in the bustle of the town
tokete shimaetara
if I could resolve it...
watashi ni wa dekinai
but I can't
yume mite mo
even in a dream
kanau hi wa konai no
that day won't ever come
todokanu hito
he's unreachable
sou, watashi ni wa...
yes, to me...

{Original song © Danny Elfman}
{Image via WeHeartIt}

"When life gets you down, you know whatcha gotta do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." -Dory (Finding Nemo)

We had ourselves a little
Iron Chef competition.
We called our bishop and got a keyword:

Jay & Amy made a lemon meringue pie.

Josh & Kate made a lemon cookie drizzle.

Sam & I made zesty lemon cookies.

Kevin & Kami made crumbly lemon pie.

Around nine o' clock,
the bishop and his wife drove over
and tasted each of our treats.

We expected to get 1st and 2nd placings,
but instead,
we each got our own awards:
"Creative Creation", "Bread of Life", and so forth.

I give a gold star to Kevin
for arranging this citrusy date,
and for giving us all 
a reason to smile together.

{ "First Day of My Life" via Bright Eyes}

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away." -Terri Guillemets

There is opposition in all things,
even stress has its good and bad forms.
My methods of shedding the sinful:
✿ hot baths accompanied by Chinese music
✿ walking with my puppy
and my most favorite,
✿ massages

Yesterday, I went in for a stone massage
and absolutely, completely melted into a puddle.
The Lord has given us a day of rest every week,
because He knows we need it.

Like muscles,
your mind and heart need little vacations.
Let your mind unwind every once in a while,
or it may very well unravel without your permission.

{Images via WeHeartItBlissful Balance}