The Fox's Trick
~ Shimazaki Touson

Little fox hiding in the garden
In the evening when all are away, sneaks
Into the autumn shadows of the grape arbor
Secretly stealing a cluster of dew-tipped grapes

But my love is not a fox
Nor you the grapes, yet
In secret, with no one knowing,
My heart has stolen you

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Akemi-mama gave me 
cherry blossom incense sticks 
and a burning dish from her shoppe.

I wanted to use the first stick 
to welcome in the new semester.
( 。⌒o⌒。)人(。⌒-⌒。 )

Though sacred smoke 
is supposed to be applied to your body 
on Buddhist temple grounds, 
Kate & I had our own thurification event 
full of giggles and happy meditation.

Though we practice a different religion
learning about another's beliefs 
helps crack open their heart to you a little better.

{ "Sakura" is a traditional Japanese folk song.}

"What are you trying to say?"

"'kokoro ga ai de mera-mera shite mo'
'Even if she's burning with love.'"

Professor: (laughing) 
"No, that's,
'Even if she explodes with combusting fire... in love.'"


Japanese is HARD, friends.
"mera-mera" = "exploding in flames"
"mero-mero" = "falling in love"
Burn some incense for me.

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My username is WillowShield163. 
I've given myself the witching name, Hazel Featherstone.
I bought a barn owl and named her Pterux {Greek for "wing"}.
My wand is Hazel & Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/2 inches, unbending.
I was sorted into Gryffindor

If you're trying to get a certain wand or house, 
the test questions aren't dead giveaways. 
I had no idea what my results would be.
{I'm so happy with what I got!}

If you open a PotterMore account, 
add me!

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There is a legend, in Japan... 
If a cat is allowed to grow a long tail, 
it will turn into a bakeneko,
a "monster cat". 

If the tail splits, 
it becomes a nekomata
a "forked cat".

It will ignite ghostly fireballs in the house, 
eat its mistress and steal her form, 
devour any obstacle in its path, 
and resurrect corpses by jumping over them.

{This may have led to the
popular breeding of Japanese Bobtails.}

They're part of the bakemono "shapeshifter" family, 
which also houses foxes, badgers, and raccoon dogs.

Maaaybe I shouldn't be researching all this 
while I'm petsitting a cat.

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What's that? 
3 essays & 2 tests to complete before August 29th? 
An 11-track soundtrack to record? 
Outings and social events to attend?
I think...
I'll just curl up like a cat.
And sleep.

Night night.

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I find chapels, cathedrals, and temples exorbitantly gorgeous. 
{And next year, I'll see European ones.} 

Any break from the norm is welcome to me,
so being paid to usher at Organ Fest IV for Classical 89
was a chance I snatched right up.

The cathedral bellowed with gothic organ melodies
and left our whole crew fish-mouthed and speechless.

Guys, seriously.
If you're in the Valley next year,
go to Organ Fest V.
You shan't regret it.

"You say that you love the rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains.
You say that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines.
You say that you love the wind,
but you close your windows when it blows.

This is why I am afraid,
you say that you love me too."

-William Shakespeare

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"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." -E. L. Doctorow
"A novel is never anything but a philosophy put into images." -Albert Camus

Once upon a time, 
I moved into Stratford Court 
and quickly discovered that my room-roommate 
was a living, breathing form
of one of my characters in the book I'm writing

It's been fascinating talking with Kami 
(or, as I call her, "Aiata") 
when I'm acting like my main charry, Cho.

I get to see how the two would interact 
in real life.
Making them all the more tangible to me.

Kami/Aiata is gifted in cooking, analyzing, kindness... 
And she's amazing with designs.

Just looking at these penna etchings she did on my hands, 
I feel like I'm in my main man's (Toraj's) desert home. 
I feel like I'm in my book.

Am I crazy for having so many muses living inside me?
But... aren't we all a patchwork of people? 
Aren't we walking quilts of the ones who've sewn us?

{ "Ne Me Jugez Pas (Volodia Remix)" © Sawt el Atlas}