One more practice video. 
{I'm drilling these songs for hours, every day.
It better show, at the Con. Or. Else.}
Leaving for Alabama in 10 days! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Working with the masterful composer, Fox Amoore, has been such a treat.
And one of our collaborations has made its way to iTunes -- check it out here!
Thanks to Fox for the orchestration,
to Stephen Cumberworth for his flute,
to AlectorFencer for her photographs,
and to Steve Flavin for the video editing.
More tracks to come -- but first, Kami-Con!

{"Every River" © Runrig}

There are many different shades of fear, 
and people react to shocking situations in strange, and altering ways.
How do you handle things that frighten you?


{"The Root of Fear" © Ashley Serena}
{image © respective owner}

23 days 'til Kami-Con
...And I still have so much to prepare. 
Also, guys!
I have a new YouTube channel
Subscribe to get more (and better-er) videos!

I am so, over-emotionally grateful for my loved ones. 
They are entirely too darling. (/^-^(^ ^*)/
Lunch treat with Friend Cory.
Game party with Friends Kristen, Chris, and Cory.
Dinner with FAMILY.
Surprise party with Roommie Kate and ward members.
So many friends have told me 23 was one of their best years. 
I plan on making it one of mine, too. \(*^ワ^*)

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -Neale Donald Walsch

To bid the bunny farewell and dance in the dragon,
friends and I drove up to Salt Lake City
for the Video Games Live concert.

This was my first exposure to cosplayers.
{A great prelude to February's Kami-Con excursion.}

Friend Laura was on-stage for the cosplay contest.
{I helped paint that pretty Cortana costume.}

The concert was composed (har har) of astounding talent:
The Utah Symphony
The Snow College Choir
with an incredibly talented soprano and flautist
{who cosplayed as Link when playing Zelda music with the Symphony}.

Video Games Live, my friends.
I suggest you attend, next year.

{ This is Friend Donny.}
The real New Year celebration
happened at Friend Cory's apartment.
We rang in the Dragon with plenty of noms, games, and late-night fun.

From my dragon heart to yours {whatever animal you may be}:
Happy New Year! 

{ "Bass Head" © Bassnectar}
{Bunny/Dragon via Tumblr}