"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." -Victor Hugo

I flew to Chicago for a play date with Miss Erin. 
Basically, we ate. For two days.
But I also experienced a lot of "firsts".

It was the first time I ever flew standby.
It was also the first time I ever flew first class.
{Unlimited orange juice and snack boxes? Don't mind if I doooo~}
And I flew standby & first class both ways.

It was the first time I visited Chicago in the winter

It was the first time I attended a German Christmas Market.

You're a real unconscious man, 
if you can empty that boot. (ô_ô)

I wanted one of these so badly. (ㅁㅎ;;)

It was the first time I saw the lights, downtown. (◕‿◕。) キラキラ

Black Forest clocks & nutcrackers. (´ ▽`)
I'll be seeing these next year, in Munich.

It was my first time seeing street-performing angels. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Erin's extended family took us out for burgers at DMK.
{New favorite!}

Erin's deviled eggs.

My lamb burger.
{I eat baby animals. ψ(`∇´)ψ omygoshIfeelhorrible}

It was the first time I dined at an authentic German restaurant.

Pork wiener schnitzel & spätzle.

It was my first time eating at a Swiss waffle house.

Life is exciting, when you punt your schedule book out the window for a weekend.
Now... onward to finishing out this semester! p(´⌒`。q)

{ "Wish List" via Neon Trees}

"The turkey says, 'Gobble! Gobble!', and then we gobble it up!
...It's like it's saying, "Eat me! Eat me!'" -My Mother

Traditionally, my family stays at home, for Thanksgiving. (o˘˘ o)
We've ventured out to the West Coast for past Christmases, 
but Thanksgiving is always Utah time.

This time, last year, 
I was telling my Japanese children all about the 
food we make and eat on this day of gratitude. 
{They don't eat turkey, regularly, in Japan. Σ(щДщ;;)}
Has it already been that long? ...Holy cheese monkey. (_⊙)

I am so grateful for my family_இ 
and for the moments we are able to share together. 
It's such a miracle that they're mine.

{This isn't my plate -- it has squash, stuffing, and green beans. (ô_ô)}
Now! Whilst my siblings prance off to Black Friday, 
I'll hop on an early morning flight to Chicago. (ノ◉ヮ◉) Wee!

{ "Freckles" © Natasha Bedingfield}

I sat down with my father to do a proper recording, 
and this is what happened:

Ah well. 
Bloopers are my favorite parts of films, anyways. ヽ(^。^)丿

{image via WeHeartIt}

My friend, Fox Amoore's, newest piece, "Shine the Light" 
with Lanovran on flutes, JarisWolf on acoustic guitar
and me singin' along. :)

To work with such a talent as Fox...
I'm fish-mouthed and absolutely honored.
More collaboration pieces to come, soon, m'dears~!

{MP3 Downloadable HERE}
{song artwork via Peritian}

A radio drama my classmates and I recorded 
for our JAPAN 322 (short fiction) class.

Taylor: Narrator/Son
Noel: Father/Uncle
Me: Daughter

We translated the original Japanese story 
into (somewhat) coherent English.
I was editing this until 3am. @__@ #webettergetagoodgrade

Touch my lips... 
with a melty kiss. 

Melty Kiss by ashleyserena

May you have many melty kisses,
my lovely listeners. 

{MP3 Downloadable HERE}
{ "Melty Kiss" © Yoko Kanno}
{Instrumental played by Yyrkoon}
{Image via WeHeartIt}