Professor Masakazu Watabe and I 
sat down with Thinking Aloud on Classical 89
to discuss Japanese hauntings and folklore.
Here's what we had to say:

Haunted Japanese Summers (Thinking Aloud)

It was brilliant getting a native's perspective,
and comparing it with my foreign one.
Give it a listen... And Happy Halloween! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

{image via WeHeartIt

Once upon a time, I blogged every little thing... 
Then, the evil dragon called "SCHOOL" sunk its teeth into me 
and I've been limping along, ever since. 

My family has a Japanese exchange student 
staying with them, at the moment.

We made him gut a gooey pumpkin {with Chan}, 
and bake an apple cake {with me}.

He's such a careful little helper.

Old family friends, the Cannons, 
came to sing and dine with us. 
{I'm afraid we were a bit too loud for sweet Yuima.}

Singing and smiling together. <3

Halloween Cruise!
Alex, Kate, Amy, me, Dominic, Stephanie, Kristen 
{and Cory, who was taking the picture}
sailed down the Provo River and heard spooky stories.

The lights on the water reminded me of Kyoto.
:< I miss my Japan.

Reflective pun'kins. :3

Pumpkin Land! 

Friends and I tackled the corn maze, 
to search for a magic bean. 




{Whose photos these are.}

After the maze, 
we played with the goats and rabbits. 
{And took their barnyard fragrance home, on our clothes.}

We're all like, 5-years-old, still. 
Heart. <3


Snowbird Resort is so LUSH and PRETTY.

Lovely lady Erin got flags on her face. 
{She's told me she'll give her heart to the boy 
who actually knows which flag this is.}

Es lebe Deutschland!

In descending order, that's been my October. 
Now, onward to tomorrow, 
when I'm filming Stringtown's spooky train ride~
Happy Halloween, loves!

{ "Nach Haus" © Silbermond}

Current Theme Song: 

Every time a chance comes 
to unstitch my heart,
I find the smallest fault in the boy
and turn away.
Enough of this, already. 
It's time to face things head-on, again. 

{images via WeHeartIt}

I'm not much for modeling, 
as I never know what to do with my hands or face. 
But it's fun, nonetheless,
to have the lights flashing around you.

This is Miss Photographer's husband, Chris.
We make music together,
in a little group called, Elegarde.

Her name is Kristen. 
And THIS is her blog.

Is before Halloween too early to sing Christmas carols? Ooh, maybe... ;) 
Visiting my family for Sunday dinner. We love our music moments.(-^〇^-)
Thanks, Papere, for playing with me!

I've done quite a few covers from this movie. 
{It's got such pretty music, how could I not?}

The mic didn't pick it up, but Roomie Amy clapped at the end.
{Which is why I thanked her -- Danke, girly. :D You so supportive.}

Have a wonderful week, everyone ~ awooo!

{"Mononoke Hime" © Ghibli}
{images via WeHeartIt}

Roomie Kate: "But you kinda like him, so I won't snuggle with him."
Me: "NO! Go ahead! I'm not chasing him!" 
Roomie Kate: "And why not?" 
Me: "He hates dogs! He loves cilantro! It will NEVER work!"
Roomie Kate: "You're never going to find the perfect man, dear." 
Me: "Dogs and cilantro are big things!" 

Chuckle, chuckle. 
But really, I am rather star-stuck 
with my desire to be intimate with friends 
rather than opening up to another boy. 

I've done the dangerous deed 
of forming a dream boy in my head. 
Perhaps, he was always there, only, 
quieted by the boy I already had. 
So, when that boy left, 
I finally pumped life into him. 

This boy has spice in his eyes, 
music in his fingertips, 
a foreign lilt in his voice. 
And takes me all over the world. 

And I am all too aware 
of how unfair I'm being 
to the American boys around me. 

{images via WeHeartIt}