You are walking home alone. 
The trees groan as they reach for you, their branches strained by the wind... 
or mayhaps something more sinister? 

A chill follows you through the door, 
and even when you crawl under thick blankets,
it lingers beneath your skin. 

In the black of night, 
the hallway floorboards creak, 
rousing you from your restless sleep, 
inviting you to see exactly what has wandered home with you. 

In the dead of night
There are things
They open their eyes as wide as the moon
And find you

I adore folklore and legends more than anything else in cultures.
This piece is influenced by wayward Japanese ghosts. ~(ヘ-_-)へ The obake.
Happy Hallowe'en!

{"Hush" © Ashley Serena}
{"The Ghost" © Sultan}
{"Lover, You Should've Come Over" © Danataur}

Every day, I get asked a series of questions from Guests about our ride
From British to Mexican, Black to White, they all have the same inquiries. 
So here I am, posting the answers for the world to access, 
even though most everything is already answered by our signs or website. 

Is this a roller coaster?
No, it's a bumpy jeep ride. It's similar to our African Safari ride, but in the dark. 
Think of daddy's driving.

So, it doesn't go upside down? 
If cars could function upside-down, we'd be living in a whole different world. 

Is this a simulated ride? 
No, your body will actually be transported. 
Back in time. 

My child is only X inches shorter than the height sign. That's fine, right? 
No, no, no, a thousand times, no. 
Your child's head must touch the bottom of our sign, or they cannot ride. 
We're not trying to ruin your vacation, we're trying to keep everyone in one piece. 
Disney cares enough for your child's safety not to risk them falling out of the car. 

My girlfriend/wife is pregnant. Can she ride? 
The seatbelt will push against her belly and the car will jolt her around. 
For the baby's sake and for hers, I suggest riding something else. 

My grandfather/mother is old. Can they ride? 
I won't presume to know the limits of your elderly loved one's body. 
Being chased by dinosaurs can raise blood pressure. 
It's up to you. 

Is the ride scary? Will my kids like it? 
I've seen 4-year-olds exit laughing, and 11-year-olds leave weeping. 
It depends on your child's tolerance for feral roaring and asteroid crashing. 
This ride is LOUD.

¿Habla Español? 
No, けれど日本語を話しますよ。
My language skills are wasted in Florida. 
But seriously, if you have a language barrier, please
research our Parks before coming. It'll make your stay easier. 

{images © respective owners}

Certain songs touch you in certain ways.
"Baby Mine" was the lullaby that comforted me in Japan,
and now "Listen With Your Heart" is my song of strength and hope, in Florida.

With all the decisions in my life right now,
my heart needs all the courage it can muster. 

{"Listen With Your Heart" cover © Ashley Serena, original © Disney}
{images © respective owners}

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” 
~Andre Gide

Since it's in the neighborhood... 
a few weeks back, we took a swim over to Sea World!

And what a delight to have a car down here!
I offered to play cabbie to get a magically free ticket.

Found Nemo's friend!

And we found dolphins!
Being so near them was a dream come true. 

The sheer size of whales is humbling.
We stared and gaped and flapped our mouths like fishies in awe.

And we even rode one!
...Er, sorta.

Roomie Shayle makes the best fish faces!

Bucket list shortened!
Now I just have to swim with them...
Any rich folks out there want to take me dolphin riding? ;) 

{♪ "Are You Still Waiting?" © Hee Young}

Lycanthrope, λυκάνθρωπος, Werewolf
The stories of men morphing to mutts have always held me captive.

While watching the "Tooth and Claw" episode of Doctor Who,
I doodled this on the piano, fleshing it out once the show was over.

In generations ancient and young,
lies an undeniable bond between man and dog.

{"Once Upon a Moonrise" © Ashley Serena}

{"Moonrise" © Jens Hackmann}
{"Lifetime Collective Fall/Winter 2011" © Salazar}
{image © respective owner}