I wanted this cover to sound ethereal and dreamlike,
quite like the heartfelt desire these lyrics portray.
So, reverb up the gunzo, but that was the goal. (*⌒―⌒*) 

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"Use Somebody" © Kings of Leon
"The Sun (feat. Nili) - Villeneuve" © Strictly Confidential
Instrumental © Laura Jansen

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~St. Augustine

It's been a journey, moving to Florida. 
Literally and metaphorically. 

Pickle and I loved watching the scenery change 
from dusty desert to green farmland 
to lush southern landscape. 

And even though we hit traffic, 
charged through angry thunderstorms, 
and spun in circles down wrong roads, 
we made it, after three days.

Our reward was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, 
tasting, touching, and feeling the magic inside its gates.

Still waiting for my letter...

Hogsmeade was a charming village,
bustling with Muggles and Magical Folk alike.
The scandal! 

What a site for fan eyes.

This lovely witch welcomed us
inside The Three Broomsticks for a magical meal.

The Hog's Head was attached to the restaurant,
offering even more magical refreshment for those who wished it.

The head would turn and grunt at us every so often.

Pickle and I both loved our Butterbeers, 
and I gobbled up the Cornish Pasties greedily. 

The turkey leg was... another story. 
Neither of us made much of a dent in ours. 

Turkey leg, ha
More like baby dragon leg. 

Butterbeer was so pleasurable,
but I enjoyed the Pumpkin Juice even more!

The streets of Hogsmeade were full of storybook shoppes,
and wares as small as snitches, to as big as broomsticks,
to as animated as this little wailing Mandrake.

Hogwarts has its own choir,
with singers from each House,
and baritone bullfrogs.

Hagrid's Hut, pumpkins and all!

Mister Conductor, sir,
please can I ride the train too?

Pickle and I patronized Honeydukes
for their lovely pastries.
Pumpkin Juice, Fizzing Whizzbees, Chocolate Frogs, Cauldron Cakes!

The packaging is so pretty!

Oh dear... I seem to have left his leash at home...

The remainder of Universal Studios was brilliant, of course,
but nothing like Hogsmeade, for Pickle and me. 

The day came for me to wave goodbye to my sweet Pickle, 
and move in with five new, spunky girls. 

To celebrate our first day off together,
we climbed into my car and drove to Cocoa Beach.

While we were trying to find parking,
Shayla looked out the window and said,
"That's an interesting cloud..."
Apparently, summertime is the chance for
tornados, supercell thunderstorms, and hurricanes to play, here in Florida.
Duly noted. 

After the storm rumbled further into the ocean, 
we came out of hiding and splashed in the waves, 
plucking up scattered shells in the silver sand. 

I miss my mountains, 
but the beach is a nice trade, I must say! 

So... this is my home, now. :)

And more specifically, Animal Kingdom. 
Where the giraffes, lions, and dinosaurs play. 

This big guy has an upcoming deal with Vogue, I feel it. 

One thing that's helped with this move 
is the immediate friendship made with other Disney lovers. 
We're one big, blended family here! 

August is coming to an end,
but my life here has just begun.
Time to play, Florida! 

"Hedwig's Theme" © John Williams
"Prologue F" © Yoko Kanno
"Put Your Arms Around Me" © Natasha Bedingfield

Florida is turning me into a humbler person already. 
Reflecting, I can see how these small acts of kindness 
given to me since I've driven here 
can be viewed as minuscule, meager deeds. 
But to me, they've meant the world. 
Thank you already, Florida.

 "Innocence" © C├ęcile Corbel

"Life is a celebration of passionate colors!" ~Leialoha Cator

Everything is at its best, in Hawaii. 
The sky and sea are BLUE.

The plants and flowers are GREEN and PINK and RED and ORANGE 

and YELLOW and
every other color, at its brightest, most vivid.

It's so easy to imagine what Heaven could be like. 

Every day was filled with sun, smiles, sweets {and sushi!}. 

Even the flavors are more powerful in Hawaii. 
{I'm not biased at all... what even gave you the thought...}

It was lovely to spend a week in paradise with Ken-kun and his family. 

I don't think my heart ever stopped smiling. 

The view from my window in Utah is trees and mountains. 
Looking out the window of the wedding hotel, 
we saw open sea 
and skippers where rocks would be. 

I thought KK was respectful and considerate, 
and when I met his family, I instantly knew where it came from. 

They welcomed me into their home,
gave me a room in the Hawaii Prince hotel for the wedding...

...sat me at the served family table for the reception, 
made sure all my meals were gluten-free, 
and made me feel like part of the family. 

I am still beside myself with gratitude.

Once the wedding and reception were over, 
KK and I took to the pearly beaches of O'ahu.

I have a fear of deep water, open water, 
any water I can't see the end of.

But KK was a patient refresher of snorkeling techniques,
and let me lead the way across the coral gardens of Hanauma Bay.

We were told turtles liked to dine on the crunchy corals,
but not to expect to see them.
A dream came true when I not only found one,
but one that swam alongside and rode the waves inches from me.


On our way down the road, 
we stopped by the Dole Pineapple Plantation. 

There was delicious Dole Whip waiting for us,
along with pineapples of every shape, size, and color.

At the Polynesian Cultural Center, 
we watched as women and men 
shook their hips...

...and clapped their hands 
to their respective island songs.

We wandered from village to village 
to learn more about the traditions of the natives. 
Samoans are talented coconut tree climbers!

We feasted at a luau, 
pit-roasted pig and all!

They had purple bread there. 
Purple. Bread. 
Made from a special root 
that agreed well with my stomach.

On our last day, we found a place even KK didn't know about.
Kahe Point Beach Park has waters clear as glass,
fish as bright as flowers,
and even bigger turtles to swim with.

Even though Hawaii is level with the sea,
I swear it's closer to Heaven than any other place in this world.

Footage & Images: Ashley Serena, Cory Grant
Music: "Missin' You Like Crazy" by Michael Alvarado feat. Carissa Rae