This is a song I've been dreaming of covering for a while, 
but just didn't quite know how to approach it. 
Finally, I decided to write a poem:

Wild the fairy garden grows
Twining 'round like mistletoe
Poison sweet as berry wine
Fauns know which one is kind

There are no such things as leaves
Only baby fairy trees
Branches grow as strong as horns
Ones that fauns can adorn

Do... do you dare
Secrets everywhere

A special thank-you to my dear friend and fellow musician, Chris, 
for coaching me on Castilian speech and translating my lyrics. 
{He sure makes a creepily beautiful Pan, methinks.}

Instruments, lyrics, vocals: Ashley Serena
Translation, Pan's vocals: Chris Knorr
"Mercede's Lullaby" © Javier Navarrete
"Pan's Labyrinth" or "El laberinto del fauno" © Guillermo del Toro
Flying to Hawaii was quite the adventure, 
so I drank up the view when I finally got a seat. 
Allow me to share some of the clouds I saw~ 

Cloud cliff.

Cloud pillows.

Cloud ocean.

This was just a prelude to
the natural wonders I've begun to experience 
here in O'ahu. 

Last night, 
Kristen, Liz, and I came together. 
We wolfed down bacon, button-mashed Pokemon Stadium, 
and then piled into my car to play Cards Against Humanity at KK's. 

Upon arriving at his doorstep, 
we soon discovered that nobody wanted to let us in. 
So, I unlocked the door and in we went, 
only to find the lights on, Twilight Imperium set up, 
but nobody there. 

Shrugging, we began setting up our game on the floor, 
when an idea wormed its way into my head: 
Let's hide in the back and surprise them when they return! 

We scrambled to gather the cards up and made a mad dash down the hall. 
Kristen yelped, "They'll see your car!" 
and I nearly fell over myself, rushing outside to hide it from sight. 

I charged back up the stairs and threw myself into the storage room, 
where we vowed to play our game in complete silence. Yeah right. 
Attempting Cards Against Humanity by phone light, 
with hands clamped like vices over our mouths, 
I believe both my kidneys exploded with suppressed laughter. 

Eventually, the others returned. 

I've never been good at pranks; I always mess up punch lines. 
I get too excited for the finale and stumble over myself, somehow. 
And, sure enough, when the moment came to reveal ourselves, 
my knees were knocking, and it was all I could do to follow Kristen's lead. 

We crept down the hallway, then straightened our spines 
and marched right past a very stunned group of T.I. gamers. 
I unlocked the door, wrenched it open, 
and into the night we fled, all our bottled laughter bursting from our lungs. 

Now, this was an interesting project. 
My singing genre is soundtrack and theatrical, 
but I've been commissioned to belt rock vocals, as of late. 
Though it may not quite be my cup of tea, 
it's good to taste more than one flavor, sometimes. 

Because the rest of the song's lyrics are explicit, 
I'm including only my portion in this blog post.
{Best heard with headphones, for the rock echo effect.} 

So many more challenging and exciting projects ahead.
On to more commissions!

{"The More" & "Red Vs. Blue" © Rooster Teeth}

I have a dog-ter that loves to eat what I eat. 
String cheese, seaweed, sushi. 
It is love. 

After commissions today, 
I stretched and wrote whatever my heart felt like saying. 
Hope you enjoy this little relaxation piece. (⌒-⌒)

"Two Worlds"

Sometimes the 
Heart can see 
Far past what eyes claim to be 

That is when
Two worlds learn 
To cross their lands, and blend their seas 

And should you ever lose your way again 
Our roads lead to one, they'll deliver you 
When two worlds are one 

"Two Worlds" © Ashley Serena
Lyrics inspired by H. Jackson Brown Jr., "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."
images © their respective owners

Your life begins 
when you decide it does. 
Remembering those who braved the odds and 
chose to begin their lives as founding fathers of this country.
Happy Fourth of July!

{"When Will My Life Begin" & "Tangled" © Disney}