I wanted to tie pieces of Ireland's past, 
both blessed and bloody, together in this song.
{Another soundtrack commission from the lovely Riversaw!}

Gaelic is a hard language to roll on an English-speaking tongue
but it definitely helped me grow as an artist to give it a go!

{"Mo Ghile Mear" instruments, vocals, lyric moderations/translations © Ashley Serena}
{"A Celtic Dream" © Schattenlos}

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One of the best parts about being a musician 
is getting to learn and play with other artists and their styles.
This song was so fun to work on -- we had to hone our coordination skills!
Gerald had the kick drum, guitar picking, and vocal leads,
and I had to harmonize while playing the glockenspiel and tambourine.
Projects that push you to grow leave you the most satisfied.

{"Home" original © Phillip Phillips, cover © Hartley Road & Ashley Serena}