Singing alone in my room last night. 
I like the imperfections the mic captured... 
I was trying to communicate how intimate these lyrics are.

I rarely upload raw vocals,
but I believe they can have a personal, heartfelt power of their own.

I also recorded an acoustic guitar cover.
Just something I needed to pluck out of my system.
Simple, short, and sweetly sad.

{"Safe & Sound" originally © Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars}
{images © respective owners}

There's a fitness app called "Zombies, Run!"  
But my phone is decrepit and refuses to support it,
so I made my own version
with dinosaurs.


You are journeying as a private volunteer for D.I.E.T.I.D.E.
Department of Investigative Exploration of Time and Inter-Dimensional Eras
when your Rover has a little bit of a hiccup in the Cretaceous Period.
But don't worry, if you follow the voice of your Guide,
you'll make it to a spare jeep without getting toothed by a T-Rex.
...Or any other dino.

Warm-Up (2:40)
"Time" by Antaeus
"Clear Blue Water" by Oceanlab

Running (29:50)
"The Signal" by Bear McCreary
"This Dark and Twisty Road" by Abney Park
"Roslin Escapes" by Bear McCreary
"Just Scarecrows to War" by BBC National Orchestra of Wales
"Evolution of the Daleks" by BBC National Orchestra of Wales
"The End of Days" by Abney Park
"Bushido" by Brand X Music
"Forgotten World" by Brand X Music
"The Doctor's Theme" by Murray Gold
"Exotica" by Brand X Music
"Flight Through Jerusalem" by Jesper Kyd
"503" by Hans Zimmer
"Gaeta's Lament (Instrumental)" by Bear McCreary
"Dethroned" by X-Ray Dog
"Titan Dune" by Two Steps From Hell
"Dragon's Breath" by Brand X Music

Cool-Down (1:38)
"A Future for the Krogan" by Clint Mansell
"Grand Old Lady" by Bear McCreary

Total (34:08)

This was an incredibly engaging project,
from music selection to scripting to voicing to improvising.
And, most importantly,
this will help keep my interest in running.
Give it a download and try the adventure for yourself! 

{music credited above and © respective owners}
{"A Bad Day" © Pygar}
{Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex © Steven Spielberg}

One of the blessings of delving into your interests 
is finding other people who share your passion. 
Chris Knorr can write for any genre, any type of mood, 
and I greatly love being the voice for his brainworks. 

I give you our latest:
a dubstep trance cover of "Sweet Dreams".

{Vocals, whispers, instruments © Elegarde}
{"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" originally © Eurythmics}
{"Untitled" © Sofia Ajram}
{"Image 2" © Georgia Wigg}
I've been exploring different cartoon styles, lately. 
{Could it have anything to do with Disney being my playground? Certainly not!}
A little gift for my dear Ruth. ❤

{"Auntie Bat" © Ashley Serena}

I am becoming a regular at Quiznos. 
The service is lovely and quiet, 
and the food is a delicious alternative to cooking. 
One of the employees has learned my face. 
Today, he asked, 
"Why do you always come here alone?" 
And that's when I remembered Japan. 
Living there, on my own, 
taught me to explore the world by myself 
and not be ashamed about it. 
There is so much to do, so many things to see, 
that you should never hinder yourself 
from lack of company. 
True, life is better shared, 
but you should never stop living 
just because you're by yourself for a moment. 

{image © respective owner}

"God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us 
to give ourselves the gift of living well." ~Voltaire

Happiest of birthdays to Roomie Chelsea! 
We ate an entire kitchen sink of ice cream and sweets to celebrate!

Then it was off to Typhoon Lagoon
to swim it all off!

Roomies Shayla and Chelsea. :)

I faced my fears that day,
and snorkeled with sharks.
They swam up alongside me!

We roamed, we played.
We soaked up all the sunlight and surf.

Disney is a magical place,
no matter what the celebration. 

{"Let's Get Loud" via Jennifer Lopez}

Watching Disney's animated films in chronological order 
is a trip down memory lane, every evening.
Care for a little jazzy stroll, anyone? 

The classic humor, drawing style, and music of old Disney
led to this little impromptu recording.
Relationships sure are tricky when you've got puppy love! 

{"Lady and the Tramp" & He's a Tramp" © Disney}

"See that pond? A gator lives there." 
This is the most common phrase I hear in Florida. 
That and, "Fresh gator jerky for sale!"

Whenever I had pesky neighbors in the past, 
I just stomped on the floor, banged the walls, or hit the ceiling with a broom. 
The natives here have learned to eat theirs, instead. 

From jerky, to keychains, to souvenir heads, 
Floridians choose to bite rather than be bitten. 

Because it rains so much, there are bodies of water everywhere.
Which means gators have homes in your backyard, or just down the street. 
Time for dinner!

On typical work days, I stay late to close DINOSAUR. 
With sore legs, I trudge to my car in the vast Disney parking lot. 
And every night, I am given a sweetly silent goodbye 
from these two Sandhill Cranes. 

They don't even flinch when I walk to their sides, 
close enough to touch their glossy feathers. 

They just watch me, patiently, until I leave,
lingering around to give a smile 
to the next exhausted soul who walks by.