A villain theme commission for a werewolf author, 
this came right at the time I was thinking of exploring ethnic compositions. 
There are patterns that successful pop songs follow, 
but because this is a tribal piece, I broke from conventions 
and finished the song with a soft bridge leading into a louder, alternate finale. 

"Walk This Earth Alone"

I'll fulfill all your prophecies
Wrote them all in blood
I'll haunt you as much as you expect
Wrath comes with a flood

Everyone thinks themselves heroes
In the books they write
What divides a man and immortal
Is his will to fight

Don't defy the deity inside your skin
Against man the powerful will always win

When you're young you burn with fire
Nothing spills your blood
But those of us with more desire
Cross the line of "should"

Think outside the box a moment
Think above the ground
I've betrayed too many chances
To turn around now

Don't defy the deity inside your skin
Against man the powerful will always win

There might have been
A window of
Little summer's light once for me
But now it's rain
And hail regret
Everywhere my eyes can see

Now that I'm gone
It's all wrong
Oh, the light
Stole my song
I can never return
Always winter

{"Walk This Earth Alone" © Ashley Serena}
{images © respective owner}

I am so grateful for the chances I get to work with creative minds, 
whether I'm composing a theme, crafting lyrics, or chirping vocals, 
I love making music with you. 

And because of these growing opportunities, 
my commission prices are also having a bit of growth. 
Though I wish we could all do away with money, 
it is the nature of this and all business. 

{Those whose commissions I've already accepted will maintain the old prices, as is fair.}

Every artist needs to support themselves.
And hopefully, someday, 
this will be my only line of work!

{images via WeHeartIt}

"Mine Forever" 
is Italian composer, Eros Ramazzotti's, 
tribute to his daughter. 

It also happens to be a song 
my babbo and I 
love to sing together. 

Happy Father's Day!

{"Per Me Per Sempre" © Eros Ramazzotti}
{"Bodysnatchers" & "Metamorphosis" © Glenn Marshall}

If everything is always sweet in a relationship, 
you won't know how to act when moments turn a little sour.

But fighting is tricky, 
because we slip the reins of control many a time,  
and gallop down an avalanche of hateful words.

We all have our default defenses. 
I've noticed times when I'm really tired of a problem, 
or really wounded by someone, 
I just want to burn that bridge entirely  
and lock down like a Swiss bank.

So what is my defense for that defense? 
To restrain myself from engaging in heated discussions. 
But... that leads to apathy and communication problems.
Not exactly healthy.

I was taught in school that it's good for children 
to see their parents argue, 
with the stipulation that they also watch them resolve the issue together. 

Sure, that sounds simple enough, 
but try remembering that textbook answer 
in the middle of a blood-boiling battle. 

So, how can we argue effectively?
Simple answer:
By keeping the worst of our tempers at bay. 
Okay, but how?
By maintaining respect for each other. 
Someone may have wronged you so badly that
they earned a special spot in your envisioned Hell,
but they are still a learning human.
With many faults.
Like you.

I used to associate the phrase,
"bridle your passions"
to mean living a grayscale, dulled-down life.
But I've rephrased it to help myself grasp its intended meaning:
"Bridle your ugly."

Try to argue and love at the same time.
Usher in kindly the sweet among the sour 
to taste juicier and more nourishing relationships. 

{images via WeHeartIt}