"It looks like you could forge a ring of power in it." (Molten Cake)

When I moved from Disney back to Happy Valley, 
friends held a "Welcome Home" party in conjunction with Mike's birthday party. 

But most of the cake remained uneaten. 
And sat on the counter. 
For five months.

It got so dry, we decided to use it for firewood.
And it evolved to molten cake! 

We're all enjoying the warmer weather! 

{"Disco Inferno" © The Trammps}

With marriage comes lots of changes, 
and bringing a puppy immediately into it has its own set of challenges.
This poor little lady kept panicking when we left for work,
so now she has a safe place of her own
(and we have a new table)!
She's taking to it quickly, traveling freely in and out while we're home.
Wish all adaptations went this fast!

KK and I love the Game of Thrones books and series, 
so I wanted to make a sigil and banner for us. 
Because that's what perfectly normal fans do, right? 

House: Grant 
Sigil: white winged wolf on a red field 
Words: All is Earth All is Stars
Religion: Old Gods
Blood: First Men
Seat: Stonewood
Location: West of Wolfswood, East of the Rills 
House Weapon: Ulv's Claw (bladed long bow)

Medieval Celtic design is something I've not dabbled in until this project.
Which is a shame... playing with negative space is so thrilling!

{"House Grant" banner and sigil © Ashley Serena}
{wolf design mirrored from Rookshock's lovely doodle}

I have a fascination with traditional Japanese music.
Typical melodies and lyrics are so pregnant with loss and longing,
but are presented so poetically that they make you ponder
your own heart's journey. 



Atop a butterfly's wings
Sudden frost
That is my heart

So cold in here
Spirit of ice
The soul of first love

{"Haru Ni Aki 春に秋" © Ashley Serena}
{images © respective owners}