It's good to be home for the holidays. ❤
An instant happy for me is singing with my babbo.
So thankful he agreed to be filmed. :)

Fox approached me with this song, 
the lyrics full of so much heartache and love, 
I wanted to convey those feelings through my voice.
This video gave me the opportunity to put images to what I felt. ❤

Shot in the beautiful mountains, riversides, and beaches of Utah and Hawaii.

"Every River" © Runrig
Vocals by me, orchestration by Fox Amoore
Videography by Dark Hall Studios

Hark, hear the bells... 
at Temple Square. 

KK and I drove up north with the Knorrs
to celebrate the Christmas lights season.

There were sparkles

and faerie lights

and all sorts of shimmery goodness.
{Check out Kristen's pictures of all the lovely lights!}

There are so many paths you can take in life.
I'm loving the road I'm wandering down. 

Bear McCreary is a god of stirring exotic melodies.
I wanted to keep this cover fairly raw and slightly off-setting
to show how my heart interpreted it.

{Instruments, Vocals © Ashley Serena}
{Lyrics, Original Concept © Bear McCreary}
{image © respective owner}