I have collected sea shells... 

Pokemon cards... 
Beanie Babies...
and foreign coins. 

My new fetish is the dream catcher. 

I am a mutt of many cultures, 
and though I only have traces of two tribes in my blood, 
I love Native American legends and ideologies. 
Time for a new collection. 

{images © respective owners}

It was a beautiful three months. 
Full of trials, adjustments, 
and good ol' wholesome Disney FUN.

Girls I roomed with had 
the biggest hearts.

Special sneak-peaks of Disney behind-the-scenes 
made me feel special and more connected

Work had a magic of its own, 
but my favorite times {of course} 
was when I'd play Guest.

Magic moments happen to you as a Cast Member, as well. 
Some Guest interactions become your most treasured memories

Disney is always changing, always growing.
{Meegwetch, Pocahontas.}
I felt like we were kindred spirits.

Wild frogs, bunnies, and crocodiles 
were our pets away from home

Florida was a new set of shoes to grow into. 
And I don't regret any of my time

Now, however, that day has set.
I will forever treasure my memories as a Cast Member and Guest, 
and am so happy at the thought of visiting again.  
But now, a new sunrise is dawning. 

{"Beauty and the Beast" © Disney}