"But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books 
is the secret lore of the ocean." ~H. P. Lovecraft

A sunny holiday was much needed, 
so 8 of us packed into 2 cars
and drove to California.

The occasion was to celebrate
the first anniversary of the Knorr's marriage.

Such a long car ride.

This hat belongs to Ken-kun. 
I forbade him from wearing it to the anywhere
so Chris plopped it on his own head.
I think Kristen and I share similar opinions...

The beach was beautiful.
Once our bodies acclimated to the ocean's temperature,
we couldn't stay out of it.

A flying Heather appears!

Such merriment! 

Alyx and her missionary.

Me and my Ken-kun.

Kristen and her Chris.

Suddenly Alyx!

When not in the water, 
we explored the beach.

And... may have grown a few fins ourselves.

But we cured the fins with MORE LAND!

What a wonderfully therapeutic thing, 
the ocean.

{ "Riviera Life" © Caro Emerald}
{photos & videos courtesy of attending photographers}

Villain themes are fun ways to let loose! (o `▽´ )oΨ ケケケ♪ 
In junior high, I played Scar in a "Be Prepared" number.
In high school, I switched to Young Simba for "The Morning Report".

I'm watching all the Disney movies in chronological order right now.
Though I haven't reached The Lion King just yet,
I wanted to Be Prepared for it, since it's my #1 favorite. (^・ω・^)

{"Be Prepared" & "The Lion King" © Disney}
{image © respective owner}

"Corpse Bride" is a very quirky and lovely reminder 
by Tim Burton (director) and Danny Elfman (composer) 
to live.

Hazel Featherstone, 
my Pottermore character.
Now that I'm graduated, I have more time 
to dabble in hobbies. (*゚▽゚)ノ