How many times have I covered this song? 
...Let's not count. (〃∇〃) 
This will be a lullaby for my children. ~
I shan't stop singing it, I love it so.

If school is driving you to the end of your rope, what do you do? 
You vacation, of course.
And so we did.

It took a bit of convincing, actually,
since I have no love in my heart for Vegas.
But Ken-kun waved Phantom of the Opera tickets in my face
and I couldn't say no.

Whilst waiting for our evening performance to start,
we explored the Strip, like any proper tourist should.

I began to warm up to the city
when we passed under the Eiffel's legs
and bopped around the European-themed hotels.

Someday, I will see the real things.
But these imitations were stunning, themselves.

Gorgeous architecture in Caesar's Palace.
{We got a bit turned around -- it's so big inside!}

I love aquariums. ~(*´∇`*~)

Stoic dragon gargoyle is stoic.

I adored the ceilings in the Venetian.
Is it time to go to Europe yet please

It's wonderful how the hotels bring live, themed performers into their midsts. 
Makes the whole experience of touring even more authentic and magical. 

Apparently, Vegas had an enormous Chinese New Years bash.
We stumbled upon the remnants.
{The Palazzo had a dragon court, waterfall included.}

This serpentine fellow smoked from his nostrils.
He was huge.

Say hi, Ken-kun!

Whenever I think of Vegas,
this is one of the scenes that pops into my head.
Apparently, it struck a chord with me when I went with Papere.
I had to take a picture, this time.

Hello, sparkly horsey!

The Bellagio boasted a beautiful tribute to the Chinese New Year:
a dragon flower garden.

These lovely animatronics bobbed their heads and tails at us,
as we passed by them.

Flower children danced in the garden of the dragons.

When it was finally time for Phantom to woo us,
we settled into our seats with cheese popcorn and chocolate.
Good gravy, there's no comparison to a live show.
It. Was. Incredible.

After Phantom, we show-hopped 
to Mirage for a volcano show, 
and to Treasure Island for a siren show. 
Whilst the lava was bursting, there was a duck fight in front of us. 
It was dark, but finally I saw why: ducklings!

This was a massive mammoth's tusk.
Do you see the detail on the clothing?
I am forever astounded at the talent God blesses people with.
It makes this world such a better place.

Cthulhu cheesecake! 
Thus named because of its wiggly whipped cream 
and its impossibility to defeat. 

Road trips are always memorable. 
Even if your destination isn't somewhere exotic or breathtaking, 
the journey and companionship makes it all more than worthwhile. 

This novel is a remarkably profound gaze at Japan 
through an outsider's eyes.
So many things I've observed myself are written inside. 
{The best books are relatable, deshou?}
This part in particular struck a chord inside me:

I've been thinking about how the concluding third line of a haiku always has to contain a surprise. A twist in perspective or mood, something that sets you off balance, that causes you to gasp...

The conclusion I've reached is that surprise -- or mystery, or anticipation, or whatever you wish to call it -- is the basis of life. Beyond compelling us to read to the third line in a poem, it's what makes us leave our beds, fall in love, listen to jokes, speculate endlessly about the weather.

I am, what this area would call, a Mother.
Every Monday, with the Father in our group, 
I gather together apartments for Family Home Evening
Well, today being a holiday, 
that did not happen.
Instead, I spent my Monday evening playing with the Knorrs. 
They make mighty fine singing partners. 

"An aged Christian, with the snow of time upon his head, 
may remind us that those points of Earth are whitest 
which are nearest to Heaven." ~Edwin Hubbel Chapin

A good hunk of my life has been spent at the foot of snowy mountains. 
I have hiked them, camped in them, photographed them, 
but never once skied on them.
Until yesterday.

Friend Rob drove me up to Sundance 
and taught me how to "pizza", "french fry", and cut down the slopes.

According to him, I took to it quickly. 
Apparently, you're supposed to fall more than I did.

My posture stayed way wonky 
{I gave a whole new definition to "bandy legs"} 
but I was able to shoot down the mountain fairly well.

Of course, there were times when I lost my footing. 
After a few goes, Rob thought I was ready for a Blue Run.
...And that's when I somersaulted over myself 
and skidded head-first down the icy mountain for fifteen feet, 
scraping up my back.

But you always have to get back up,
no matter how scary the tumble.
As the Japanese say,
"Fall seven times, rise eight."

{♪ "Memories" © Two Steps From Hell}

People down south are SO NICE.
Kami-Con's staff made me feel so wanted and welcome,
and everyone's Southern accents were darling.

After a hotel room mishap
{we were given LittleKuriboh's keys}
Erin, Liz, and I sallied forth to our first-ever anime convention.

I was wide-eyed to see all the various costumes in which people came.
This here's Miss Ariel & a blonde Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Of course, we brought our own cosplays.
{Erin is Prussia from Hetalia & Liz is Chun Li from Street Fighter.}

Kami-Con's cute mascot, Shio.

And her sister, Kosho.

My nerves for being at an anime convention seemed to outweigh
my nerves for performing live.
{I would bite my fingernails until a mic was in my hand.}
This is a con-goer's snapshot of the end of Opening Ceremonies.

Our P.A. Will Crosswhite.
He helped the magic happen. {Thanks, Will!}

Erin {as Prussia}
with another Hetalian -- Russia!

Another Disney princess sighting -- Tiana!

Though it was sad LittleKuriboh and I weren't able to duet this Con,
I was still way stoked to see him in person. o(*゚▽゚*)o
{Next time, maybe I'll talk to him.}

More Hetalians!
Southern Italy, England, America, and our lovely Prussia~

We wound up being fast friends with England and America
{thanks to Erin -- whoops, I mean Prussia}.
I even whipped out Celestia's masterpiece -- Hungary's traditional costume
and played along with the rest of the Hetalians.

Yee -- no England/America or Prussia/Hungary love, please!

More snaps of the Prussia/Hungary goodness.
{In the show, they're portrayed as childhood rivals.}

Celestia really did an incredible job on my costume.

I'll be wearing it to another Con,
up in Salt Lake City,
to continue to promote her craftsmanship.

Here is the Nostalgia Critic
with Will's horse mask.
{Fun times in the special guests' green room.}

More cosplaying goodness!
Spotted a Toph & Fire Nation Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I met the voice of my childhood: Eric Stuart.
{He voiced characters in Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh!}
Note to everyone: befriending your childhood gives you amazing feelings.

Liz seriously rocked her Chun Li costume.
Girl's got kicks.

Bryan Howard,
the man who started my whole involvement with Kami-Con.
{I will forever be grateful to him.}

Fun little story:
We were standing in line, waiting to get into the rave with everyone else,
when a Kami-Con staffer sauntered by, stopped, and tugged at my sleeve.

"Come with me," said he.
And just like that, we got into the rave.
{It's fun pretending to be a celebrity, guys.}

More Hetalians!
{I can't believe how many people know this show.}
I spy another Russia, a Lithuania, and Poland, I believe...

This cute girl was ever-so considerate and cheerful,
and helped me soften up to the Con better.

A darling little Kairi from Kingdom Hearts!

An Ishizu from Yu-Gi-Oh!

A Riku from Kingdom Hearts!

A Shura from Ao no Exorcist!

Liz found a well-garbed Red Ranger.

And an Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach!

She also spotted an R2-D2.

Good find, Rizu!

This Nurse Joy picked the perfect role.
She offered us her hair spray, when we forgot ours,
and she came to my concert and sang along. The sweetheart. (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

Okay, see how you can't really see me?
I don't have good {or any} pictures of my performances.
BUT! They were filmed, by Erin and the Con.
Once I have them in my virtual hands, I will post them, promise~
Kami-Con was absolutely incredible, and I'm so happy I got to go!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

{♪ "Pop Culture" mixed by Madeon}