Requested in English by Bryan from Kami-Con. 
They've suggested this as one of the songs I sing during the Con, 
so I've been practicing a bit.(^O^

Yay, for fantasy kissing. 。o♡
I absolutely love this scene:

Special thanks to my "little" brother
for letting me use his microphone and compressor.
{I'm totally making you my sound engineer, when I grow up, Ali.}

Suteki da ne ~ Isn't it wonderful? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

{MP3 Downloadable HERE}
{"Suteki Da Ne" © Nobuo Uematsu}
{Images via "Final Fantasy X"}

A sweet YouTube user requested I sing this in Japanese. 
永遠の愛が今 "Eien no Ai ga Ima" 

my Scottish composing idol, Fox Amoore, 
has asked me to do the vocals for one of his songs. 
I'll be posting it soon!

{MP3 Downloadable Here}
{images via WeHeartItFelicia}

With every new morning,
spring graduation approaches...
and my stomach knots itself
as the sun begins to peek 
on the horizon.

I could work for Disney World with Liz,
and network my way over to Tokyo Disney.

I could move to the island of Oahu
and translate Japanese for my friend's company.

I could work for Interac again,
and teach English in Japan.

I could try to find an odd job
in Kansai, somewhere,
maybe work for Akemi's little crepe shoppe?

I could move to Seattle with Erin
and try to work for Japan Air.

I could move somewhere to Switzerland with Erin
and write independent music.

Or I could cast all those plans to sea. 
With each new wave,
a fresh idea washes over me.
The salty bite is exhilarating, against my green skin,
but leaves me when the tide pulls back.
I do not know which wave to ride
to reach that sunrise, 
and it frightens me, 
on this beach,
made of the sands
of my twenty-two years.

{images via WeHeartIt}

{shameless self-plug!} 
I have a Facebook page now, 
where I post covers & original music. 
Here's a little taste
{something I wrote before bed last night}:

"Ambrosia in Her Veins"

For music updates,
and my work with Kami-Con and others,
press the "like" button on the right side of this site -->
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♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒⌒ )v ♪

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My mum's Pampered Chef business 
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Just print this out n' go!

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Probably not a dishwashing song, 
but I was singing it to myself anyways.

Tears to Shed by ashleyserena

Corpse Bride explores the notion
that those who are still alive
are more dead
than the dead.

I love this film,
because it gives me
a gentle reminder
to live.

{MP3 Downloadable HERE}
{ "Tears to Shed" © Danny Elfman}
{images © their respective owners}

Once upon a Skype chat, 
Miss Erin Kairi 
suggested I dress-up as Austria from Hetalia. 

SHE dresses as Prussia.

Prussia has a little eaglet {Gilbird}.
She made this! Look how cute~

Prussia and Austria are half-brothers.
They disagree on... just about everything.

Our War of Austrian Succession costumes aren't complete
-and my wig needs trimmed & sculpted-
but we'll get there.

"Don't... touch me."

Erin Kairi also cosplays as Switzerland.

Once we get our costumes assembled,
we'll have a proper photoshoot. 

I was delivering invitations to my seventh birthday party, 
when this sweet thing followed me home. 
"Beauty", I called her, 
and she stayed with us ever since.

Today, my mother buried her 
beneath the honeysuckle bush. 
She was purring until 
the euthanasia quieted her old heart.

Rest in peace, 
my dog-chasing, bird-snatching, childhood friend.

{ "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" via Kokia}