Taking a step back from commissions
to do a personal project.

In Japan, 
I used to sing myself to sleep 
with this song. 

It's such a tender soothe 
for the heart. 

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{ "Baby Mine" © Disney}
{images via Google}

To me, inspiration is like a little bird:

If I try to catch it,
it flits away, darting out of sight.

But if I sit still,
it lands quietly at my side
and meditates with me.

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"Whether you come back by page, or by the big screen, 
Hogwarts will always be there, to welcome you home." -J.K. Rowling

Oh, Voldemort,
you constantly underestimate mothers.
First Harry's, then Draco's,
both at critical points 
in your dark career.

I will read these books with my children, before bed,
and watch the films with them, on the couch, together.

Conventional bathroom shot, of course.

the mischief is not yet managed,
and never truly will be.
Hogwarts will always thrive in the hearts of its students.

{♪ "Lily's Theme" © Alexandre Desplat}
{ "Hedwig's Theme" © John Williams}

"Why do llamas hum? Because they don't know the words." -Caru Das

One of the best parts about working 
as a producer for Classical 89,
is the creative freedom you have for stories.

Mike Asay and I drove down to the Hare Krishna Lotus Temple 
to get the story of why the Llama Fest was started.

And afterwards,
we interviewed the llamas themselves.
{And we're going to air their 'hums'. Hee.}

There were more than llamas at the temple:
zebus and peacocks graced the grounds.

Aren't peacocks beautiful?
Their colors and feathers are breathtaking,
not to mention their cry.

I'd like to do more on-site interviews...
Any ideas?

{ "Chaconne in G Major" via Baroque}

July came in a flurry 
and swept me away to Chicago,
that old city of wind and sun.

I stayed with my best friend from childhood,
Kairi Saotome Miss Erin Hunt.

I normally don't eat Chinese food,
but Chicago's Chinatown is too lovely to pass.

I've been to the Chicago zoo before, and loved it.
It's huge with tons and tons of animals.
Except this time, only 4 or 5 animals were out.
Huh? Hurray, camels...

And pretty zebras...

We saw Beauty and the Beast and fell in love:
My mother and Erin, with Lumiere.
Myself, with Gaston.
This trip ended too soon! Anyone up for a safari or somethin'?

{ "Get Outta My Way" via Kylie Minogue}

 Kami-Con has invited me as a special guest performer
to sing at their next convention, in February.
They'll fly me out to Alabama,
where I'll be on-stage at my first live performance.

My lovely girl, Erin Hunt,
will be accompanying me.
{She knows a lot more about conventions than I do.}

Songwriting was always something I did for me,
but now it's becoming a little career.

May we all share the pieces of ourselves
we treasure most dearly
with more and more people.

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