From another childhood favorite, A Little Princess.
There seems to be a princess theme going on here...

But as a child, I dreamt more about
becoming a fierce leopard,
more so than a lovely princess.
I suppose every girl has some of both in her, doesn't she?

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{ "Kindle My Heart" © Patrick Doyle}
{image via Tumblr}

From a childhood favorite, Princess Mononoke
I made the instrumental and did the vocals in GarageBand.
Kind of an upbeat version of the original.

Tatara Women Work Song by ashleyserena


hitotsu, futatsu wa akago mo fumuga 
mittsu, yottsu wa oni mo naku, naku
tatara-onna wa kogane no nasake
tokete nagarerya yaiba ni kawaru

one, two, even babies can push (the bellows)
three, four, even an ogre would cry
the golden love of a Tatara woman
melts and flows, and changes into a blade

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{ "Tatara Women Work Song" © Ghibli}
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Just as the title says, "Lovely Friends".
Me gustan mis amigas.
How many other ways can I say it?

We all slept at Erin's house 
and whipped out GarageBand 
to do some goofy, impromptu recordings.
This one is a conversation between 
a girl named "Kanna" 
and her very-Korean mother.

Oh, how kindred our spirits are.
Oh, how I love these ladies.

{♪ "Comme des Enfants" © Coeur de Pirate}
{♪ "Capoeira (Paranaue)" © Only The Strong}

"On a green stem, a flower blooms." 

I'm doing this, initially, to pay off my puppy's exam fees. 
But also, it might give me some exposure 
and help me develop my talents 
as I work to improve myself
for my commissioners.

There are two buttons on the right side of this blog, now: 
one for Music Comissions
the other for Art Commissions.
Take a look... you might find something to your liking.

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THE Fox Amoore
I sent him some vocals for one of his pieces, and he liked them. 
Said he wants to work with me AGAIN.

I'm just sitting here, like...

I just can't. I don't even. GLAKSJDSDF. 

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