"Healing springs from the womb of time." -Michael Tippet

My father and I
went to the Utah Symphony & Chorus' performance of
A Child of Our Time.
The music was so bone-chilling, so heart-warming,
it moved me to wonder
if the choirs of Heaven sing our world's story.

Can you imagine the Kingdom of the Almighty
eternally serenaded by the most captivating voices,
the golden journal of our Earth
penned in song?
The wars, the friendships,
the moments when we let Christ in our doors...

Maybe our departed loved ones
sing about us.
Maybe our guardian angels record our personal stories
with their voices.

Just a little thought.

"Green Hill",
my rendition of There is a Green Hill Far Away,
is my tribute to this Sunday's celebration.
Happy Easter, everyone!

{photos via Maee, RalucsernatoniAparatka, Felicia}
"The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand." -Sun Tzu

To celebrate the end of finals,
Kami, Kate, Amy, Sam, Paul, and I
hiked the Y mountain.

What a perfect way to celebrate our winter semester victories.
The view was so rewarding.

Gorgeous Kate.

"Strike a pose, showing how you feel right now!" I said.
Kami immediately flopped down
and the others followed suit in their own way.

The head poking up between Kate's and my legs
belongs to Dominic, my Austrian friend from Biology class. Wie schön!
We happened upon him & his girlfriend
just as we reached the top of the Y.

Oh, and by the way...

Faced off at half past the fourteenth hour on the twentieth of April.
History of Theatre II VS Ashley
Ashley sallied forth with all her day-long group studying might.
History of Theatre II used define the vocabulary you studied least.
Ashley flung a javelin of best guesses.
History of Theatre II fell to its death.

Faced off at midday on the twenty-first of April.
Family Finance VS Ashley
Ashley ax kicked with study group knowledge.
Family Finance caught her leg with trick questions.
Ashley was flipped on her back, swinging her legs with logical guesses.
Family Finance jumped with intimidating story problems.
Family Finance landed on her stomach.
Ashley passed out from lack of air.

May have lost a few battles on the way,
but I won this war.
Let's all climb our mountains
and win our personal wars!

{ "Twisted Tales" © Brand X Music}

"Fall seven times, get up eight." -Japanese Proverb

The epic battles of the 2011 War of Winter Semester are underway.
We will win this war, folks. I have faith in us all.
My progress on the battlefield:

New Testament: The Epistles VS. Ashley
Faced off at midday on the sixteenth of April.
Ashley slashed with a blade of religious upbringing.
New Testament: The Epistles ducked and rolled.
Ashley shot an arrow of symbol knowledge.
New Testament: The Epistles fell to its knees.
New Testament: The Epistles swung upwards with a timeline attack.
Ashley fell on her back.
New Testament: The Epistles stabbed with a sword of which prophet said this?
Ashley was K.O.d.

Human Development VS. Ashley
Faced off at the nineteenth hour on the sixteenth of April.
Ashley attacked with hours of studying.
Human Development's knees wobbled.
Ashley tornado kicked with I actually know this stuff.
Human Development collapsed.

Biology VS. Ashley
Faced off at the seventh hour on the eighteenth of April.
Ashley swung a mace of 3 study sessions.
Biology faltered to the edge.
Biology pounced with trick questions.
Ashley flew away on her glider of No, I really DO know this.
Biology fell to its certain death.

Japanese Linguistics VS. Ashley
Faced off at the seventh hour on the nineteenth of April.
Ashley shot a volley of study session fireballs.
Japanese Linguistics stumbled, but continued to charge.
Japanese Linguistics rammed with earlier in the semester questions.
Ashley swung wildly.
Japanese Linguistics whipped a syntax structure chain around her wrists.
Ashley struggled, pulling Japanese Linguistics over the edge with her.

Two more battles to go,
and this war will be decided.

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This summer, I'm transforming.
I've already begun, actually.にこ

Eating better food.

Drinking more water.

Sleeping more regularly.
Pfft, okay, let's not lie, Ashley

All in preparation for this autumn
when I'll audition to work at Disney World
as a character performer.

I'll be judged on my smile
my height and body type
my ability to dance
my improvisational skills in storytelling
and how I look in costume.

Even if I don't make the cut,
I can work at the resort doing other things.

Maybe I'll even meet a guy.

Post-graduation is a scary thing,
but Disney will give me great networking.
Though I don't have any summer roadtrips planned,
my preparations to move to Orlando have begun!

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Life is full of decisions:
some of which you're excited to make,
and others you never wanted on your plate.

I came home from Japan 
thinking I knew which bend in the river I wanted to take,
but Heaven sent a strong current crashing against my canoe,
pushing me down a different course.

When we worry we've taken a wrong turn,
let us remember that we have a paddle;
we can maneuver around the rocks
and discover the new river path we're given.

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{ "Just Around The Riverbend" © Disney}
{Images via WeHeartIt}