Cho wouldn't use a broom to fly.
But for the effect,
she'd probably grab one, sprout her wings,
and fly with it anyways.
Video, finish my thoughts, kudasai:

{"Cho" © Ashley S. Harmon}
{Music via Nox Arcana & Brand X Music}
{Cockroach & Typhoon via Google}

"I'm not a witch, I'm your wife." -The Princess Bride

All this week, I'm wearing eye makeup to school.
The English teachers know about it, but...
I wonder what the principal will say.
I'm celebrating my cultural heritage, so there.

{Music via Kate Covington & Yoko Kanno}
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Student 1: I want to be a nice groom. I like girls.
Student 2: I want to be a vegetable.
Student 3: I want to be a fish.
Me: Well, what do you want to be?
Student 4: I want to be a god.
Me: Okay... why?
Student 4: First, I want to destroy the world.
Me: Oh.
Student 4: Second, I want to make a new star.
Me: ...Follow your dreams.

{Gif via Supernatural}

...are really compassionate.
I missed the bus again,
and started on the 2-hour trek home.
a woman from my morning bus
caught sight of me
and waved me over to her side of the street.
She paid for my cab home.
She showed me how to get a bus pass,
and where the inexpensive cabs park at the train station.
Anyone I talk to,
everyone I smile at,
gives my love back ten-fold.
Plato said,
"Always be kind,
for everyone is fighting
a hard battle."
These people live by this philosophy, truly.

{Image via BIE}

Just fer fun.

I Won't Say (I'm In Love) by ashleyserena

'cuz I'm feelin' sassy.
All mah ladies, sing along.

{"I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" © Alan Menken & David Zippel}
{Image © Dimitri Caceaune}

"Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting.
...But never hit soft." -Theodore Roosevelt

{This is voiced in both English AND Japanese, for no reason other than I wanted it that way. Uh huh.}

Everyone loves a little romantic drama
and a good smash n' bash, right? RIGHT?

So, Ranma loves Kairi, yeah?
But Kairi has passionate feelings for Bakura.
But Bakura is just a spirit,
inhabiting the body of a boy named Ryou.
Shampoo loves Ryou,
but can't tell when he's being possessed by Bakura.
Ukyou is an old fiancee of Ranma's.
Ryoga is an old rival of Ranma's.
Mousse loves Shampoo,
and will chuck bombs at anyone who touches her.
Ranma turns into a woman
whenever cold water splashes him.
And RikuCho are married.

{Ranma, Shampoo, Ukyou, Ryoga, Mousse © Rumiko Takahashi}
{Bakura © Kazuki Takahashi}
{Riku & Kairi © Tetsuya Nomura}
{Cho © Ashley S. Harmon}
{Fight image via Under the Sun}
{Music © Brand X Music & Ranma 1/2}
{All voices by Ashley S. Harmon, except Bakura's... because Little Kuriboh just does him so well.}

"Faith is not bravado, not just a wish, not just a hope. True faith is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, confidence and trust in Jesus Christ that leads a person to follow Him." -Elder Dennis E. Simmons

I stood alone in Kobe
with this prayer in my heart:
"Heavenly Father, I don't remember the way...
Please help me find the church building..."
And then, two missionaries popped up like magic
and let me follow them like a little duckling.

{Happy birthday, Elder Pyper! And congrats on getting your Japanese driver's license!}

I had with me
a danish nut & a ham-cheese sammy,
but between sessions,
there was a potluck,
so I got to keep my breads for dinner.

Favorite talk?
To be honest,
I was worried about hearing it
because of how it enraged some of my lovely friends.
But, you know...
it touched my heart tenderly,
I love my Church.

{Girl via Silent Owl}
{Music via Danielle Vaughn}

One of my 8th graders handed me his homework
and I nearly melted on the spot.

He wanted to write, "There is a plane near the cloud",
but instead wrote, "plane neer the culudy",
with a scribbled picture of an airplane and a cloud.
And my heart burst.

Today, we had some downtime in the last hour,
so I doodled and chatted with my students.
We talked about Pokemon Black, Ranma 1/2,
if I was living with buri-chan or not, and how sleeping makes you pretty.
The girls thought my werewolf drawing was "too scary",
so I crumpled it up.
They screamed and snatched it from my hands,
scolding me gently for "destroying art".
And then one smiling girl
gave me her drawing of America.

I want not go home, preeze.

{squee-ing girl via Elissa}

I get to teach the special needs class
once or twice each week.

To celebrate the creeping-in autumn weather,
we made Western scarecrows today
{'cuz Japanese scarecrows, or kakashi, look differently}.

We named them:
Ponta, Ichigo, & Brad.

For Halloween, we're makin' ghosties.

Two friends walk to the dog park,
only to find their rivals in love already there.
How tacky.
{The boy Letaki wants Tanimeko to call is Rai,
a jerk who dumped her so he could chase Kairi.}

Letaki Kikuchi
Best friends with Tanimeko.
Infatuated with Riku.
Dislikes Cho.

Tanimeko Tamada
Best friends with Letaki.
Interested in Ranma.
Dislikes Kairi & Cho.

Tanimeko's papillon.

Cho Marugama
Best friends with Kairi.
Engaged to Riku.
Dislikes Letaki & Tanimeko.

Kairi Akimatsu
Best friends with Cho.
Interested in Ranma.

Cho's Spirit Contract.
Regularly seen as a black & white dog.

Ranma Saotome
Friends with Riku.
Loves Kairi.

Riku Nakamura
Friends with Ranma.
Engaged to Cho.

{There are lots of little background conversations happening.}
...Those were my favorite to make.}

Am I a geek for writing scripts
and doing voice overs for my characters?
The verdict is 'yes'.

{Jajauma ni Sasenaide © Ranma 1/2}
{Riku & Kairi © Tetsuya Nomura}
{Ranma © Rumiko Takahashi}
{Letaki, Tanimeko, Cho, Shiroi © Ashley S. Harmon}
{Images via WeHeartIt}